How to Make a Bed in Terraria

How to make a bed in Terraria

Making a bed in Terraria requires specialized furniture crafting materials and tools. The first step is to find or craft a Bed (or Beds) frame. These can be purchased from vendors, found as loot, or crafted using Wood and Silk at a Work Bench.

Once you have obtained the Bed Frame(s), you need to craft the mattress. This requires Mattress Crafting Materials, which can be bought from vendors, found as loot, or crafted using Wool at a Loom.

Finally, you need to place the Bed Frame(s) and Mattress in your home. Once this is done, you will have successfully made a bed in Terraria! Remember that beds are essential for a comfortable home and can also be used to set your spawn point. With the right materials, it is easy to make a bed in Terraria and ensure you have a good night’s rest!

Once you have made your bed, you may want to add some decorative items around it, such as paintings, lamps, and other furniture. You can also craft clothes, armor, and weapons to enhance the look of your home. Crafting beds in TerrariaGame is a great way to make your house feel like home! With the right materials and tools, you can create a cozy retreat, no matter where you are.

How to Make a Bed in Terraria

If you want to make a bed in TerrariaGame is slightly complicated. You must make basic craft stations and collect ingredients to make one bed. You must need to create almost five crafting stations. Here are some steps following them; you can make a bed in Terraria.

  • Collect 10 planks of wood and make a bench where you can work. First, open the crafting menu and click the icon for the workbench to create it. To open the crafting menu, presses the ESC key.
  • Combining 20 stones, 3 torches, and 5 pieces of wood to make a furnace.
  • After that, collect 15 iron ores, click on the furnace, and smelt the iron to make 5 iron bars.
  • By using the new iron bars you created, click on the workbench to craft an anvil.
  • Then, use 10 pieces of wood, 2 iron bars, and a chain to make a sawmill.
  • After that, make a loom by using 10 pieces of wood at any sawmill and use 35 cobwebs to create 5 pieces of silk.
  • Completing all the processes combines 5 silk and 15 wood at a sawmill to make a bed.

Note: These are the simple steps to create a bed; following them makes it very easy to make a bed in Terraria.

Method to Make Different Types of Beds in Terraria

If you’re getting bored with one bed, you can also change the type of your bed by collecting different ingredients. You can change the appearance of your bed, but this will not change the functionality of your bed. It remains the same. Here are some of them so you can get an idea and create a new type of bed.

1.     Mushroom Bed

Creating a new type of bed does not need expensive wood. You will need 15 mushrooms and 5 silk to create a mushroom bed. While creating a new bed, you still need silk, which already has a loom and sawmill.

2.     Glass Bed in Terraria

It is very easy to make a glass bed; you just need to melt glass into items. To create a glass kiln, you will need 18 iron bars, 8 torches, and an anvil.

3.     Slime Bed

You find a king slime when you become advanced in this game. After finding king slime, you can easily create a slime bed in Terraria. There is only one crafting station that prepares slime-based beds. By defeating the king’s slime, you can find a solidifier.

A solidifier can be used lots of times to create a bed. You need 15 gel blocks to make 15 slime blocks, but to make the actual bed, you need five silk and slime blocks.

4.     Golden Bed in Terraria

You cannot create a golden bed in TerrariaGame because it differs from other bed types.  This bed is only available for the player who played all the events, defeated the wall of flesh boss, and set up a base in TerrariaGame. If you defeat the pirate during the raid, you can easily find the golden bed. Its functionality is the same as the other beds.

5.     Pumpkin Bed

This bed is also different from other beds, and it is an interesting bed. You can find pumpkins in the grassy area during the Halloween season. The first step is to buy seeds from a dryad to start a pumpkin farm. When you make a pumpkin bed, you will need a workbench, 5 pairs of silk, and 15 pumpkins.


In this article, you will learn how to make a bed in Terraria Game. Many different types of beds are available, but they have the same functionality. They may be different in looks. The process of creating a bed is also the same, but it’s up to you which type of bed you want to make in Terraria.

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